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Bring Integrity Back to Attorney General’s Office


Jonathan Weinzapfel is a Democrat, a former Indiana state legislator and former mayor of Evansville, where he led the city to record job growth and lowered crime rates.


As Attorney General, Weinzapfel will work for bipartisan solutions that protect health care for people with pre-existing conditions, protect our communities from crime, reform our criminal justice system to make it more fair and just for everyone, expand drug treatment for nonviolent drug offenders, and protect seniors from fraud and scams.

A Return to Bipartisanship and Cooperation


The office of Attorney General isn’t about advancing the interests of either party – or it shouldn’t be. As AG, Jonathan Weinzapfel will use his experience as Mayor of Evansville as a guide. A Mayor only gets things done by working in a non-partisan fashion and bringing all parties together to hammer out sensible compromises. 

Information on Voting by Mail or In Person


Indiana’s general election is on November 3rd. To protect Hoosiers' health and preserve our right to vote, please take advantage of voting by mail!

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