Essential COVID-19 Resources

For many folks, the uncertainty surrounding our current health crisis can feel overwhelming and anxiety-provoking. Millions of people have lost businesses and jobs and many are struggling to make ends meet, while worrying about their health and the health of loved ones. 


That's why we're providing you with useful, accurate information related to coronavirus and unemployment, along with helpful tips for social distancing and the best ways to be of service to your community. 


For the most up-to-date information on the status of COVID-19 in Indiana, visit You can contact the ISDH call center 

at 877-826-0011.


If you believe you've contracted or been exposed to coronavirus, call your doctor to set up an appointment. Calling beforehand will allow your doctor's office to better protect themselves and other patients prior to your arrival. You can learn more about what to do if you're sick on the CDC's website found, here.

If you're experiencing food insecurity, unemployment, or need support:


You can find guidance on filing for unemployment at If your small business is in need of a COVID-19 Emergency Small Business Loan, learn more about 1si's loan programs. Likewise, if you are aware of any criminal scams related to the COVID-19 spread, you can report them using this link.


If you need food support, you can apply for FSSA benefits, here. And, if you are in crisis or considering thoughts of suicide you can call Families First Indiana at (317) 251-7575 or Text CSIS to 839863.

Tips for social distancing: 


If you find yourself working remotely for the first time, LinkedIn is a great resource with useful video guides that will help you structure your time and get the most out of your workday:


With Indiana schools now closed, brief yourself on tips for homeschooling successfully:

If you have younger kids who are craving crafts or who need to be kept entertained, here's a nifty list of projects that will keep your little ones engaged:

Remember to take care of yourself! Go for a walk, try meditation, or cook a nutritious dinner. If you already have a gym membership, check if they're offering online classes. The link below also gives a great overview of how to stay healthy and mindful while social distancing.

Ways to help your community: 


The best thing you can do to curb the spread of coronavirus is to social distance at home apart from essential tasks. However, if you find yourself wanting to do more, here’s a simple list of ways to be of service during this crisis:


Donate blood. There is currently a nationwide blood shortage due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you are a healthy candidate for blood donation, we urge you to find your nearest Red Cross blood donation center.

Donate personal protective equipment (PPE). Hospitals across the country are in desperate need of PPE. If you have access to unused N95 respirator masks, rubber gloves, face shields, disposable booties, safety goggles, or hospital gowns, please consider donating yours to local hospitals. Right now, the PPE needs of healthcare professionals far outweigh our own. The link below will direct you to PPE drop off locations across Indiana. 

Make a donation to your local food bank. Food banks nationwide are feeling the pressure due to the demands of coronavirus. They could use volunteers and donations. The link below will take you to a list of Indiana-based food banks:

And, if you can, check-in on your elderly or immunocompromised neighbors. Give your neighbors a call and see if they could use your help! Something as simple as running to the grocery store could be an invaluable service to them right now.